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The wonderfull tvshow called Dr Who!

May 31, 2008

There is this British tvshow that is called Doctor who, its the worlds longest running science fiction show on tv.

I have not watched the show from the beginning instead in 2005 when the show was resurrected i decided without having seen any previous episodes to follow this show called Doctor who.

Ever since then i have been entertained by a really really good science fiction show that really is meant for younger people, but where its so good that even a adult like me loves it.

Here is a couple of reason i love the show:

David Tennant: he is excellent as the doctor.

Murray Gold: the composer of the equally excellent music in the show, well worth buying the soundtracks when their released on cd or in digital form.

Russell T Davies: the person who resurrected the show and acts as a writer too.

The wonderful, imaginative, scary, exciting and even sad story lines!

The complimentary show called “Doctor Who Confidential”, its a really good behind the scenes show that explains allot, interviews the people, show past clips as a way to explaining the episodes.

There is also a commentary track for each episode to download from the doctor who bbc site, they are a little hit and miss, some episodes have really good tracks and some are ranging from average to bad.