The nightmare that is loosing irreplaceable historical materials.

I was reading about the awful fire that struck Universal Studios, and i started thinking how awful it is to loose irreplaceable material like movies, soundtracks and even allot of the history of a country.

In the case of the universal studios fire, i have been reading about what was lost and what was saved and the latest i read was the alot of the sets were destroyed but not the movie negatives. Regarding the music the latest is that thousands of master recording were lost.

Its worth mentioning that for the Chinese this isnt anything new, they had to go through the same thing during the cultural revolution. where a awful destruction of there own history was going on just because one man told them to start from scratch and forger the past, and if it were not for one man we would not be able to visit the majestic place called “the forbidden city” today.

Its also worth knowing that its just not major studios or whole counties loosing irreplaceable history, families that loose their homes in fires, flood, earthquake or other situations loose their irreplaceable history, photos, home movies and other valuable stuff is lost.

And so to conclude i want to say, have in mind that one day you may loose you whole family history just like that, and in order for you not to have to go though that please make sure that the irreplaceable stuff is safely stored in a safe place.


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One Response to “The nightmare that is loosing irreplaceable historical materials.”

  1. Lin aka Oupsie Says:

    belola, it is impossible to make sure all irreplaceable items are in a place where they cannot be destroyed or stolen, unless you lock them away in a bank vault or something and do not use or enjoy them.

    Also, my family is one example of how you can have your irreplaceable items, family treasures, important documents stolen from you, along with your very lives. Nazis are good at doing that.

    As far as documents and photos, I have been doing what I can, to preserve them by scanning them and putting them on several cds, which I give copies to family members, keep a copy for myself in my bank safe deposit box and keep another copy in my house.

    Some of my irreplaceable treasures, given to me by family members who are long gone, were destroyed in our last big earthquake, here in Los Angeles. My only other option would have been to keep them wrapped in bubble wrap, packed away in cartons, which I now do. I have many things I would like to display in my house, but I fear them being destroyed in our next earthquake, so they are stored and I don’t get to enjoy them. What’s the point in having them? I’m really not sure.

    I have some jewelry, that is family heirlooms, gifts or just valuable (costwise). I could keep it locked away, in my safe deposit box, or I can take reasonable precautions, keep the jewelry in my house and wear and enjoy it. Which option would you choose? There is really no foolproof solution…. that I can see.

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