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My trip to france (longer version)

June 19, 2008

A couple of months of ago i was talking to my mom and she mentioned that she was gonna go to a wedding in France, i didnt think som much of it at first but then i thought that a trip to to France didnt sound too bad.
So i asked her i could come along and she said that would be great.

So then i tried finding out the where and whats, but as it turned out she didnt know much other then that we would spend the nights in a either apartment or a hotel in nice and also that the wedding itself would take place in Monaco.

So i had to rethink my strategy and stop asking questions that there would not be answers too, something i have a hard time doing (I can relax alot easier of i know what i am getting myself involved in)

After accepting that i had to go with the flow i started planing what equipment to bring, read this entry for the complete list

We booked at first a hotel, but days before the trip began it became clear that we would live in a apartment so we unbooked the hotel.

At the airport i found 300$ US on the floor, now that i think of it i stupidly gave it to the airport people.

When it was time to check in wasnt sure how my tripod would count as, part of the luggage or as photograpic equipment. I found out that is it part of photographic equipment.

We borded the plane, took off and took i took some great over the air photos, almost three hours later we landed in Marseille (The pilot should have shot, he landed the plane really really bad), and got our luggage back. (pics:

We spent the night in a small and shitty hotel room (for one night a shitty room will do fine), and in the morning we had a good breakfast and later borded the train to Nice. (pics:

At Nice airport we met up with the bride and was taken to the grooms apartment, there we spent some time talking and socializing until later when we were taken to our apartment.

The next day we spent some time walking around Nice and bought some food for breakfast and dinner. (pics:

The next day we spent some more time walking in Nice and in the evening we went to a pre wedding dinner and met a bunch of people. (pics:

The the wedding day came, by the way its not the “i do” part of wedding, its the part that envolve the guests socializing and dancing and just having fun. The wedding itself was great, i took alot of great photos and also made alot of new contacts. (pics:

The next day it was time to travel back to sweden, the trip started with a excellent train ride to Marseille then a ok flight back to Gothenburg with another horrible landing.(pics:

My trip to France was over but what a trip it was!


My trip to France (short version).

June 10, 2008

A longer and more detailed blog about the trip will be posted at a later moment so here is the short version.

I took over 430 digital pictures and 10 rolls of film, and of the digital images i have uploaded 211 of the digital pics on my flickr site:
Browse using the sets on the left for better overview.

I have the negatives of another 4 rolls that i will scan, the rest of the six rolls i will have developed at a later moment.

Thats all for now, a longer blog later.

The nightmare that is loosing irreplaceable historical materials.

June 2, 2008

I was reading about the awful fire that struck Universal Studios, and i started thinking how awful it is to loose irreplaceable material like movies, soundtracks and even allot of the history of a country.

In the case of the universal studios fire, i have been reading about what was lost and what was saved and the latest i read was the alot of the sets were destroyed but not the movie negatives. Regarding the music the latest is that thousands of master recording were lost.

Its worth mentioning that for the Chinese this isnt anything new, they had to go through the same thing during the cultural revolution. where a awful destruction of there own history was going on just because one man told them to start from scratch and forger the past, and if it were not for one man we would not be able to visit the majestic place called “the forbidden city” today.

Its also worth knowing that its just not major studios or whole counties loosing irreplaceable history, families that loose their homes in fires, flood, earthquake or other situations loose their irreplaceable history, photos, home movies and other valuable stuff is lost.

And so to conclude i want to say, have in mind that one day you may loose you whole family history just like that, and in order for you not to have to go though that please make sure that the irreplaceable stuff is safely stored in a safe place.