The wonderfull tvshow called Dr Who!

There is this British tvshow that is called Doctor who, its the worlds longest running science fiction show on tv.

I have not watched the show from the beginning instead in 2005 when the show was resurrected i decided without having seen any previous episodes to follow this show called Doctor who.

Ever since then i have been entertained by a really really good science fiction show that really is meant for younger people, but where its so good that even a adult like me loves it.

Here is a couple of reason i love the show:

David Tennant: he is excellent as the doctor.

Murray Gold: the composer of the equally excellent music in the show, well worth buying the soundtracks when their released on cd or in digital form.

Russell T Davies: the person who resurrected the show and acts as a writer too.

The wonderful, imaginative, scary, exciting and even sad story lines!

The complimentary show called “Doctor Who Confidential”, its a really good behind the scenes show that explains allot, interviews the people, show past clips as a way to explaining the episodes.

There is also a commentary track for each episode to download from the doctor who bbc site, they are a little hit and miss, some episodes have really good tracks and some are ranging from average to bad.


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One Response to “The wonderfull tvshow called Dr Who!”

  1. Lin aka Oupsie Says:

    For me, basically the only reason I watch Dr Who is for David Tennant, I was never at all into the show before him. I think he is simply amazing. I can’t take my eyes off him.

    I would like to see him as other characters, in different shows, to see if it’s just his portrayal of Dr Who that fascinates me, or if it is persona and acting abilities in general.

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