The gear i am bringing to the France trip…

Here is the gear i am gonna bring to the upcoming (my flight is on the 4th of June) trip to France.

Camera: Canon EOS 1V HS
Camera body only gear: extra hand grip battery, lithium battery for the body without the battery grip
Lenses: EF 35-80mm f4-5.6, EF 80-200 f4.5-5.6
External flash: Speedlight 200M
Other gear: a spirit level, a ND4 filter, lens cleaning fluid with a cleaning cloth, lens and camera body cap.

Negative Films i am bringing:

3x Kodak Tri-X 400 36 black and white

3x FujiFilm superia x-tra 800 36 color

1x FujiFilm superia 200 36 color

3x FujiFilm superia 200 24 color

2x FujiFilm superia 400 36 color

All that will be in a compact camera bag.

A Tripod and a monopod.

Also i may on either Saturday or Sunday secure access to a digital point and shoot camera, i will know for sure by Monday.

My laptop is still in service (a new motherboard is ordered but is delayed), but even i had access to my laptop i would still have left it at home.

Thanks to that my phone is a Nokia series 60 smartphone i can do most of the stuff i want to do on a computer (except for that my phone doesn’t have wifi and i am not interested in paying those fucked up super high roaming prices that the cellphone companies charge. So i will stick to twitter sms:es.

Also i will find some good stuff to fill my 1GB Iriver mp3 player, (probably audio books)

That should be all.


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