Eurovision song contest with comments by Terry Wogan.

ok first of all, i find that the songs that are played on the Eurovision Song Contest is absolute shit!

Thats not why i watch the final show (they ruined the Eurovision Song Contest by splitting it in three parts: two semifinals and a final), i watch it for the wonderful and sarcastic comments the the veteran commentator Terry wogan.

Unfortunately i cant no longer legally watch the BBC version of the finale because i dont have access to a channel that airs it (bbc prime used to air it, but i last year they didn’t air it and i no longer get access to bbc prime)

So i am forced to use illegal methods to get access to the bbc version and so far i have not seen a release yet, i suspect that within a couple of hours a pdtv or hdtv version will show up and i will download it.

I find the musical performance part absolutely horrible , its instead the in middle parts when the commentator can speak ,the parts where the horrible hosts talk and the commentator mocks them, and lets not forget the funniest part: the voting portion when all of the neighbouring countries vote for each other that i love.

So in conclusion i hate the musical performance of the show itself but the rest is just very entertaining.


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