Difference between having “the eye” and being a good and confident photographer.

About ten years ago i traveled to Prague in the Czech republic as a school trip, and i cant remember why but i brought a camera with me, when i came back i developed the photos and forgot about them.

Fast forward to one year ago, when i took my interest of photography from a hobby to today’s advanced amateur level.

I happened by chance to discover the pictures i took in Prague and saw that i even back then had “the eye” for taking interesting and good photos.

Its one thing to have “the eye” for photography but you also need to know is considered to be a good photo according to certain rules.

I now am aware of a bunch of those rules and i try to apply them whenever i can.

My current status is that i have learned a lot about basic rules and compositions, but i still have a long way to go before i can feel secure enough to sell my photos (i have been told by others that my photos are good, i just don`t feel secure enough where i can know for sure that my selection ability is the best it can be)


One Response to “Difference between having “the eye” and being a good and confident photographer.”

  1. go2cuba Says:

    Prague is absolutely gorgeous 🙂 lucky you

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